3D Retouch

We are able to carry out the following works: modeling, texturing, creation of space or staging. If you have models (industrial drawings or scanned), we can also generate CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) renderings on a white background in high resolution.

We will adapt to all your specifications in terms of color, perspective, games of shadows and lights, etc. In addition to giving depth and relief, 3D brings out the value of your product. But more than just a graphic detail, the power of 3D lies in the emotion and the message you convey. With 3D, your images arouse interest, curiosity and interactions with your customers and prospects.

Opting for 3D also saves time and money, even in case of changes. A texture to change, a color to modify, a pattern to add? All we need to do is update your 3D file with the new specifications. Nothing faster and more flexible! Without further ado, make your visuals real sales pleadings in e-commerce. We remain at your disposal for any information.