We can adjust the color of your product to fit your needs. It will save you so much time if you don’t have to shoot every item in a full color range anymore.

By using the color masks, the colors reflect reality much better, and you will get a more homogeneous color scheme.

Indeed, it is not always easy to take pictures without misrepresenting the colors. They can differ from reality depending on how the picture is taken: angle, lights, etc. and can also be different depending on the computer screen.

If your pictures don’t reflect reality, they might mislead your customers and the returns will be higher. Nothing worse than buying something on the internet and receive something in your mailbox that doesn’t correspond. By trusting us to edit your pictures, you save precious time and avoid these problems.

For each picture you want to retouch, we deliver a quote. Once you agree to the quote, you can send us your images by uploading them to our secure FTP server. But before we begin, we will discuss image specifications and a test plan.

You want different colors ?
The color doesn’t reflect the reality ?

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