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Don’t worry about a thing! We accept and work on all types of formats. If we have any doubts about the quality of your image, we will contact you before we start work on it.
Have you heard of the “Pareto principle”, more widely known as the “80/20 rule”? This refers to an empirical observation made by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who showed that 20% of your work produces 80% of your results!
For Simataï Online, all images are stored for 30 days – a period during which you can recuperate them simply and securely.
Simataï Online and Simataï Factory are two clipping and retouching services for professional e-commerce images that we offer, aimed at two different types of clients.
It makes sense if you want to push up the conversion rate of your e-commerce. Opinion polls (data from FEVAD, Federation of e-Commerce and Distance Selling, and XERFI) clearly indicate the importance of the clipping and retouching stage for your products.
Our experts enlarge each image to trace a clipping path by setting down a multitude of points along the path. Bézier curves enable the image’s outline to be followed with precision.