What’s the difference between “Simataï Online” and “Simataï Factory”?

Simataï Online and Simataï Factory are two clipping and retouching services for professional e-commerce images that we offer, aimed at two different types of clients.

Discover which is the right service for you.

Simataï Online

  • An online clipping service: drag-and-drop your images for them to be clipped and delivered within 24 hours.
  • Adapted for the speedy clipping of individual or small numbers of images by experts.
  • A no-contact clipping procedure: it’s simple, practical, and above all, fast!
  • Offers a choice of parameters preconfigured for marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, CDiscount, PriceMinister).
  • Find out more on Simataï Online Clipping.

Simataï Online is the optimal solution for all online sellers, photo studios, web designers or graphic designers to get e-commerce images clipped quickly and simply when personal contact with Simataï is not required.

Simataï Factory

  • Adapted to customers with more than 300 images per month.
  • Allows orders to be customised.
  • Allows contact with Simataï to together establish a process for high-quality work.
  • Allows your order to be followed in real time on the collaborative platform Wayqoop.
  • Find out more on Simataï Factory.

Simataï Factory offers an ideal solution for key-account clients with large volumes of images to be retouched or clipped. We offer them an adapted customisable service to match their needs.

By entrusting your product photos to clipping and retouching experts, you speed up your sales process and ensure that your photos become effective selling points.

Thousands of online shops and major brands, in France and internationally, already place their trust in us by calling on us for their clipping and retouching needs. So why not you?

Get your online images clipped by experts and sell directly:
Simataï Online

More than 300 images per month? Contact us for tailor-made service adapted to your needs:
Simataï Factory

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