In which formats are images accepted and in which will clipped images be sent back?

I send my images:

Don’t worry about a thing! We accept and work on all types of formats. If we have any doubts about the quality of your image, we will contact you before we start work on it.

Still, here is a non-exhaustive list of useful points to bear in mind:

  • an image needs to be able to be enlarged without pixelating too much in order to be intricately clipped using the Pen tool.
  • For faster transmission times, choose the JPEG format.
  • avoid the use of accent marks on file names.
  • the optimal weight of an image is between 1 Mo and 15 Mo – otherwise your connection risks slowing down.
  • for a small thumbnail, however, there’s no need to make the image too heavy – 200 Ko will do.

We send back your images:

Unless you give us special instructions, we send back the clipped images in their initial format, in other words, the format in which we received them.

However, if you decide that you would like to have another format – or even several! – we can convert the image files. All formats are possible: PSD, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, EPS, etc.

Just remember that there is no need, for example, for a very heavy clipped image to be sent back in .PSD if you simply wish to incorporate it in a catalogue at a reduced size. Sending the file in .JPEG can be enough in this case, and will shorten the transmission time.

Decide according to your needs, and we’ll adapt!