What is a “packshot” in e-commerce?

“Packshot” is a term used to denote a clipped image on a uniform background – often white – that allows identification of the clipped product, designed to be inserted in a catalogue or poster.

Clipped photos are what will give cybernauts the first impressions of your products. If the clipping is defective and fails to encourage cybernauts to click on the image, they will lose interest in your product. This is why shoddy clipping will contribute to increasing your bounce rate: it’s an obstacle to purchasing.

The packshot should therefore show the product at its very best, to whet the desire to buy and to click. This is why it is often a must to take recourse to quality photo clipping.

This is where Simataï can step in: Simataï offers services in online photo clipping and retouching for e-commerce and marketplace players.

With our online clipping service Simataï Online Clipping, you can directly select clipping parameters preconfigured for marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, CDiscount, PriceMinister). This way, your packshot will be fully optimised and compatible with the chosen marketplace(s). Just upload your images and they’ll be delivered to you, clipped, within 24 hours. And they’ll benefit from our satisfied or redone guarantee. Simple, quick and practical!


By entrusting your images to clipping professionals, you delegate a task that is tedious but above all necessary. But most of all, you speed up your sales process and ensure that your clipped product photos will become genuine selling points that will help you sell more and better.

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