Why get my images clipped?

Images top the criteria driving purchasing decisions

It makes sense if you want to push up the conversion rate of your e-commerce. Opinion polls (data from FEVAD, Federation of e-Commerce and Distance Selling, and XERFI) clearly indicate the importance of the clipping and retouching stage for your products.

As a matter of fact, this is how the criteria driving the purchasing decisions of cybernauts are ranked:

1. Well-clipped image representing the product
2. Product description
3. Video / animation
4. Ratings by other cybernauts

Did you know, for example, that Internet users rarely read the text accompanying your product? The product’s clipped image is truly the basis of your website visitors' first impressions – this is what will tickle their urge to buy. So if the clipping is overlooked and doesn’t inspire the desire to keep on clicking, cybernauts will obviously lose interest in your product – and that’s a shame!

  • It comes as no surprise that absent or overlooked visuals top the list of obstacles to purchasing.

Online sellers need to clip their photos

  • Over 72% of online sellers acknowledge that they need to clip their photos before they are posted.

We understand that clipping your images yourself is a task that often daunts online sellers because it is time-consuming and tedious. But above all, it is a crucial step to take for any online seller who aspires to succeed. Clipping your product photos carefully is a true sign of rigour and professionalism.

Not only this, if you wish to sell on marketplaces, bear in mind that they often impose very specific criteria for image clipping, in relation to their size, background, margins, etc. If your clipping does not respect the various criteria (which also vary from one marketplace to another), you will not be eligible to sell.

  • But no need to panic, Simataï offers the solution!

With our online clipping tool Simataï Online, you can select clipping parameters preconfigured to meet marketplace requirements.