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This technique helps to show off your product that looks as if it is being worn by an invisible ghost mannequin – a nifty way to give volume to a garment not adapted for a flat view.
“Packshot” is a term used to denote a clipped image on a uniform background – often white – that allows identification of the clipped product, designed to be inserted in a catalogue or poster.
Simataï is increasingly emerging as France’s specialist in photo clipping and retouching for e-commerce and marketplace players. We have at our disposal an international team of experts whose knowhow in clipping and retouching has gained recognition in the last 10 years or so.
The security of your data is of great importance to us. To guarantee respect of your copyrights, your images circulate in our network in a secure and encrypted environment.
Do you have an emergency or a high number of images to retouch? You’re at the right place: we’ll take care of everything!
Not to worry! We understand, your entire satisfaction is our priority. We offer to rework those images whose results do not satisfy you.