Our photo retouching service offers very accurate and high-quality work. We are able to make all types of photo retouching :

  • Shadow : we create drop shadow, take away the shadows of the underexposed parts, adjust curves.
  • Perspective : distortion , correction of perspective, view angle, change of vanishing point.
  • Reflection : creation or removal.
  • Resapling : resampling optimisation in order to minimize the pixelation. Vectorisation or reconstruction of damaged parts using resampling.
  • Effects : rough pastels, pixelation, warp, blur, texture.
  • Alpha channel : we realize alpha channels and masks to cut out hair, fur, etc.
  • Text, watermark or logo : We can blend all of these things into your pictures.
  • Erasing : we remove unwanted parts or people.
  • Background : replacement by a landscape, a color or a color gradient.
  • Flash : we correct red eyes.
  • Beauty retouch : skin smoothing, mole removal, wrinkles removal.
  • Packagings retouch : we remove reflections, dusts, scratches or ripping of the packaging material on the packshots.
  • Format adjustment : To optimize usage of your photos, we offer different forms of resizing and cropping.

For each picture you want to retouch, we deliver a quote. Once you agree to the quote, you can send us your images by uploading them to our secure FTP server. But before we begin, we will discuss image specifications and a test plan.

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