Optimise your product’s visibility by offering the option of a full-volume view on your e-commerce website

3D modelling can be just as useful for your product presentations as for simulations placing one of your offers in a real-life situation.

As hardened professionals, we are capable of creating realer-than-life images —which are a great way to bolster your sales opportunities! The best example of how 3D images can be used is for the real-estate market. These types of visuals have literally invaded the promotional campaigns of many real-estate agencies seeking to stand out. Their goal: to present for-sale properties in a way that helps prospective buyers to more easily imagine themselves in the homes.

In the end, these realistic images and/or photos help to enhance products and attract the attention of internet users. 3D images in virtual or augmented reality are true selling points.

Thanks to the latest technologies and specialist knowhow, it is possible to reproduce every shade of colour and every texture desired, to create perfect luminosity, ideal lighting, and so on. All details that work towards visual seductiveness with high-quality results.

Plus, once the images are ready, they can be visualised on a wide range of media, from screens (mobile and fixed) to television and print. A communication and marketing tool that offers top flexibility!

  • Creation of a 3D atmosphere
  • Creation of a 360° view from a 3D atmosphere
  • Creation of an animation film of a 3D product
  • Creation of a model from a technical drawing or a set of shots
  • Embedding of a 3D product in a 2D ambiance
  • Embedding of a 2D product in a 3D ambiance
  • Creation of product mockups