3D animation
Professional presentation
3D animation showcases an object’s design and demonstrates its functions

Sometimes, you need no more than an image to present your product. But when you need to promote its functions, its design and internal mechanisms, 3D still images quickly reach their limits. This is when 3D animation and the expertise of our teams can step in. The animation of computer-generated images is a way to show everything, and can therefore improve communication on your product.


A 3D presentation of your product is a means to demonstrate each of its functions. In general, multiform products come with numerous mechanisms thought up by their designers. Showing these off is a way to celebrate the work of these designers. Not forgetting that 3D animation helps consumers to understand how these mechanisms work.


Ideally, our 3D graphic artists will base themselves on the technical drawings of your product and transform them through a process of building matter, colour and texture. Next, they will integrate the models to an animation storyboarded either by yourself or our team.

After this pre-production work, our experts will embark on the hardcore production: once the script and/or storyboard are validated, they will rely on it to produce the animation, coming up with a mise-en-scène that takes place around and inside your product.