2D/3D embedding
Professional post-production
Give your product a context by embedding it in an atmosphere

These days, clients have higher visual expectations than ever. A product against a white background, even one that has been well modelled by our teams, will never be as well enhanced as a product in harmony with its environment.
Without recreating an entire atmosphere in 3D, our team of experts can show off your products by realistically integrating them into 2D atmosphere images. All this while paying scrupulous attention to luminosity, shadows, reflections… with perfectly natural-looking results!
Successful embedding not only allows clients to get a better idea of the product’s dimensions and volumes, but also facilitates the act of purchasing by helping clients to see, with their own eyes, how well the product fits into an environment.


The integration of 3D objects into a 2D atmosphere is is a solution that clearly meets this need.