Ghost mannequins
Inhabited emptiness

This technique creates part of the product when whatever is supporting the product is erased. For example, when a jacket is photographed on a clothes hanger, we can erase the hanger and recreate the matter previously hidden by it.

This effect of an inhabited emptiness promotes your product thanks to a ghost or invisible mannequin. On the one hand, this effect gives volume to piece of clothing unsuited to flat-lay shots. On the other hand, it allows the internet user to view the inside of the clothing item. This is a detail that internet users appreciate and find reassuring as it allows them a virtually complete view of the product.

Ghost mannequins are within our fields of expertise, and are particularly well adapted to the demands of our e-commerce merchant clients today.

For every photo file to be processed, we send you an invoice. Once the invoice has been validated, you can drop off your photo file at a secure FTP address.

We start off by establishing technical specifications and a test plan before launching production.