Terms & Conditions

SIMATAÏ will do everything, within possible, to guarantee confidentiality of the given work.

SIMATAÏ is not responsible for damage resulting from technical causes like unavailability of servers, failing of internet connections for FTP transfers or any other technical default that can result in the above.

The corrections or changes made after delivery of the agreed work will be invoiced, except in case of proven fault by Simataï.

Mistakes or damage can only be compensated through recreation of the failed work and never by financial compensation or a compensation of any other nature.

Delivery times are only an indication, and not respecting those deadlines will never provide rights for late or non-payment, a reduction or compensation.

SIMATAÏ ONLINE has the right to refuse certain complex image editing like bicycles, chandeliers, etc .
For this kind of image editing we will contact you for a specific quote.

SIMATAÏ cannot be held responsible for documents that are lost or damaged after the work has been completed and delivered. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure he is insured if needed, As only the client can properly estimate the value of the lost or damaged documents. It is the client who will have to inform the insurance company that insurance claims cannot be done through Simataï. This guarantee excludes any other concerning explicit or implicit guarantee of this service.

SIMATAÏ is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss (incl. lost profit and operational loss) or consequential damages resulting from a mistake or neglect, with the exception of proven serious negligence by Simataï.