Professional photo retouching
Our professional photo-retouching service yields meticulous top-quality results. We have the means to offer you all types of finishes, namely:
  • Shadows Creation of cast shadows. Lightening of shadows to make underexposed areas visible. Curve adjustment.
  • Perspective Distortion of objects. Different angles. Perspective corrections, adjustments to vanishing lines.
  • Reflections Elimination or creation of reflections.
  • Resampling Optimisation of resampling to minimise pixellation. Reconstruction or vectorisation of areas damaged by resampling.
  • Artistic effects Creation of effects (pastels, blurring, distortion, pixellation, textures…).
  • Alpha channel Production of masks in alpha channels (for the clipping of hair, fur, etc.). Delivery of alpha channels as they are or else transformed into layer masks.
  • Texts, watermarks or logos Addition of watermarks or texts. Embedding of logos.
  • Erasure Rubbing out or removal of unwanted figures or elements on the photo.
  • Backgrounds Replacement of photo backgrounds (by a landscape, single colour, colour gradation, etc.). Photo montage.
  • Flashes Correction of red eyes produced by flashes.
  • Beauty retouching Removal of beauty spots, wrinkles, etc. Smoothing of skin. Body and face retouching…
  • Packaging retouching Elimination of reflections, traces of dust, scratches, rips in boxes and packaging for packshots.
  • In order to optimise the use of your photos, we offer you a range of reframing and formatting services: Image formatting: We resize, recentre, reframe your images. Image reframing: We can also recentre, crop or trim your photos to obtain margins as close to the image as possible.
  • For every photo file to be processed, we send you an invoice. Once the invoice has been validated, you can drop off your photo file at a secure FTP address. We start off by establishing technical specifications and a test plan before launching production.
Before we begin
  • For each picture you want to retouch, we deliver a quote.
  • Once you agree to the quote, you can send us your images by uploading them to our secure FTP server.
  • Above all, we will discuss image specifications and a test plan.