Atmosphere creation
Professional post-production
Stage your products by inserting them in an atmosphere

Rather than a mere shopfront, an e-commerce website is a point of sale that should enchant visitors and invite them to project themselves and appropriate the products on offer.

Well-staged products will enable you to increase your e-commerce conversion rate. The fact is, a clothing item that is shown being worn always has more sales appeal than an isolated clipped item against a white background. The same goes for decorative objects, furniture or food items, for example.

Staging your products to show them to at their best is what Simataï offers by creating customised atmospheres.

For every project, we define the desired staging, then send you a quote. Once the quote has been validated, you can drop off your photo file at a secure FTP address. We will then carry out a test by offering three different atmospheres from our photo collection. After the test is validated, we will stage the set of products. We will deliver the entire reworked photo file within a maximum of 72 hours.