3D mockup creation
Professional presentation
Don’t lose any more time photographing your packaging: use our 3D mockups to generate images of your products one after the other.

A 3D mockup is a file of varying complexity, generally made up of several products sharing the same shape but differing in texture. Typically, a 3D mockup is used for packaging, but it can also serve other purposes.

Thanks to our teams’ mastery of techniques for producing photorealistic finishes, it is no longer necessary to wait for a product to be manufactured, marketed or photographed before launching a marketing campaign. Our 3D graphic designers are capable of modelling a turnkey mockup with lighting and angles produced from your 3D prototype.

All you need to give us are your products’ print files. Our teams will then take charge of producing the 3D packaging of each, one after the other. And of course, the packaging will be coherent in terms of positioning and lighting.
Gone is the need to send your products off to a photographer before you pick them up again. Whatever the size of your products, the 3D mockup technique will cut your media production costs, and above all, guarantee your product’s coherence.