Clipping, a crucial step in e-commerce
November 4, 2021

Don’t skip any steps: make sure your product photos are really OUTSTANDING before posting them on your online shop.

After the shooting, the work’s not over yet

→ Okay, let’s recap: for the shooting, I have to establish the technical specifications, control the lighting so that colours stay faithful to reality, take several photos against a white background to facilitate the clipping, check the photos’ proportions and coherency… Sounds tiresome and there’s a lot to do!

It’s rare that a photo can be diffused on the Web exactly the way it is when it’s taken – even less so when it’s destined for e-commerce! Using your product photos directly after shooting without clipping or retouching them often sends out signals of wanting professionalism and rigour.

One crucial step is missing: the clipping and/or retouching of your product photos to make them truly attractive and show them to full advantage.

But no need to worry, your “agony” stops here if you decide to entrust this task to clipping and retouching professionals – the way that most e-commerce players do already.

Clipping and retouching enthusiasts like those at Simataï, who have turned their passion into their profession, are right here for you. The fact is, post-production is the last – unskippable – step before you can post your images online.

Clip your photo and correct its flaws to show it at its best

Think of a product’s packaging: not only is it something that is necessary, it is also – and above all – a way to motivate purchases. In e-commerce, post-production covers exactly the same function.

Is your photo’s background not uniform? We can use the Pen tool to clip your packshot. Is the product’s colour unfaithful to reality? We can correct the colour balance. Do you wish to show your products in a range of colours? We can colourise them. Does your image have minor flaws? We can retouch them. Are your photos in the wrong size? We can resize them. Do you wish to post your images on a marketplace like Amazon, Cdiscount, Ebay, or PriceMinister? We can clip your images according to customised parameters specifically for these platforms. Do you wish to enhance your product? We can make it look its best by creating a ghost-mannequin effect, a shadow, a reflection, using staging, and much more.

Whatever your needs or your budget, Simataï is the expert to accompany you in the retouching and clipping of your images in order to push up your conversion rate. All our clipping and correction services are carried out manually on Photoshop by experts.

Getting your images clipped and retouched by professional experts is a way to ensure that your product photos become genuine selling points that will sell more and better. But above all, it’s also the chance for you to delegate tasks that are tedious and time-consuming to professionals so that you can focus on your core activity.