How to take winning photos for e-commerce
November 4, 2021

The secret to attractive photos…

We’re going to let you into a secret: to end up with gorgeous quality photos that help an e-commerce to sell, there’s no need to use a super-powerful camera.

No, the secret lies in the lighting!

Before all else, we advise you against combining several sources of light as this can alter the colour of your products. Therefore, choose between natural lighting or else an artificial lighting system, but never use both at once.

Our tip is for you to use natural light in the morning or at sunset, positioning your camera near a window. The main advantage of natural light is that it is gentle and its rays are diffused in all directions.

It is highly advisable to shoot the product against a white background. This, without a doubt, is the way to obtain the purest results as white reflects light better than any other colour. Also, a white background facilitates clipping and avoids distracting the cybernaut with busy motifs. With a bit of luck, you won’t even have to clip your photos – they’ll be ready “clipped” in a manner of speaking!

Don’t let colour lead the cybernaut astray

So now you know: when lighting is not controlled, it can completely alter your product’s colour. And there’s nothing worse than having future ex-customers purchase products on your website before realising that they don’t match up exactly to what they expected.

So yes – put effort into your visuals and the clipping of your products, but above all, make sure that images are faithful to reality by controlling the lighting. Otherwise, you run the risk of a surging return rate.

A tripod is also a must if you want to have consistent photos taken at the same height and from the same angle. This is crucial for products from the same sales category, for example.

But that’s not all: after the shooting, you’ll still need to select the right colorimetric profile (sRGB, CMJN or Adobe RVB) – otherwise, the colour of your product risks being altered, depending on the cybernaut’s screen. In general, the sRGB profile is the one best suited to the Web and all screen types.

Has your shooting flopped? Do the colours not reflect reality? You probably need a bit of expert retouching or clipping. No cause for concern! Simataï is there to correct your photos in post-production. When you hand your product photos over to our clipping or retouching experts, you ensure that your images become genuine selling points that will help you sell more and better.

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