Why clipped product photos on a white background work better in e-commerce
November 4, 2021

“Time isn’t free, it bears a price.”

8 seconds. This is the average time that a cybernaut will spend on your webpage before deciding whether to find out more about your product or to click on the little cross…

No distractions, time is precious in e-commerce

That’s why you need to focus entirely on what you wish to sell: your product. The customer shouldn’t be distracted by anything else. Our advice to you, therefore, is to present your clipped items on a neutral, uniform background, preferably white, against which your product will really stand out. It is the product alone that should capture the attention of the Internet user.

This is what will make your packshot successful – an important factor because the image is what gives Internet users the first impressions of your product. If the clipping is overlooked or shoddy, your product won’t grab the attention of visitors. In other words, they won’t keep clicking or stay interested in the product. And your bounce rate will suffer for it…

Presenting well-clipped photos on a white background is therefore a way to optimise your chances of turning a cybernaut’s head. This is your prime medium of communication. Your image carries the message that you wish to address to Internet users. A user who gets lost or distracted represents a lost customer.

Marketplaces insist on clipped images on a white background

As a matter of fact, the world’s largest marketplace – of course everyone knows Amazon – only accepts clipped photos on a white background.

Here’s the good news: our online photo-clipping service Simataï Online offers parameters specially preconfigured for marketplaces (Amazon, PriceMinister, Ebay, CDiscount)! For don’t forget that certain marketplaces impose specific criteria for the clipping (size, background, margins, etc.) of your images.

No need to worry! With our online clipping tool, all you need to do is to select the marketplace(s) on which you wish to sell, upload your images with a simple drag-and-drop, pay 100% securely, and your clipped images will be delivered within 24 hours! Simple, fast and practical.

For those lacking graphic-design knowhow or the time to clip their product photos themselves, our hearty advice is to entrust the clipping of images to post-production experts. This way, you’ll free yourself up from a time-consuming, tedious, yet essential task, and instead can focus more on your core activity. You’ll also have the assurance of obtaining product photos clipped and adapted to market standards that will sell more and better.