How do you get your online shop ready for Mother’s Day?
November 4, 2021

Did you know that more than 8 out of 10 French people give Mother’s Day gifts? So take advantage of this event to enhance your product catalogue and make sure that all your photos benefit from quality clipping. If need be, don’t hesitate to get them retouched!

Mother’s Day, an important e-commerce event

Long overlooked in France, Mother’s Day is nonetheless an important e-commerce event that has been gaining ground in recent years. Statistics show that 78% of French people give their mum a gift, with an average budget of €52 (source: Toluna/LSA)! So this is an ideal opportunity for you, e-retailers, to give a big boost to your sales over this period.

For this to happen though, you need to get ready well in advance. For even if Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated until the end of May, many cybernauts start doing research on gifts several weeks ahead of time. In fact, a spike in queries prompted by Mother’s Day gift research can be observed two weeks before the big day!

This is why upstream work on your product catalogue must be carried out to maximise your sales. It’s now that you need to act – don’t lose a second of time!

A seasonal product catalogue with well-clipped images sells better

First, make sure that all the visuals in your product catalogue are high in quality and show no flaws. If need be, don’t hesitate to get any defective photos reclipped or retouched. Indeed, images are the key factor that influences the purchasing decisions of cybernauts.

Second, we advise you to focus especially on those products likely to be given as gifts. Don’t hesitate to give them a new lease of life, for example by reworking their packaging for the event. You can promote them with the help of customised tags that you can add to the photos: “special offer”, “Mother’s Day special”, “everyone’s favourite”… Also bear in mind that grouped or packaged offers including gift sets are popular during events like this. These formats will help you to increase the load of the average shopping basket.

Finally, remember that it’s in your best interests to make a good impression during this online sales event as it will help you to get a head start on your preparations for the summer sales, your next big e-commerce event!

Need images clipped or retouched? Simataï is the solution

Do you need new packaging for a leading product? Or retouching for photos? Or customised tags for photos of a selection of products? Don’t hesitate to call on Simataï, your expert in photo clipping and retouching for e-commerce!

If you have a clipping request, you can opt for our online photo-clipping service Simataï Online. All you need to do is to upload your images, configure the type of clipping you want, and your order will be delivered within 24 hours! You’ll also benefit from an exceptional guarantee: satisfied or redone.

Alternatively, if have more complex retouching needs for your product catalogue, then Simataï Factory is the ideal solution. You’ll have access to a collaborative tool that lets you annotate your images and follow the progress of retouching in real time.