How to optimise and retouch your e-commerce product catalogue for Black Friday?
November 4, 2021

Black Friday is a major e-commerce event imported from the United States – one that is gaining in popularity year after year in France. It is the focus of our topic today, as we offer precious tips to online sellers who wish to retouch their product catalogues and capitalise on this event to boost their sales.

Why has Black Friday become a key e-commerce event?

Like Christmas or the seasonal sales, Black Friday has become a key yearly event these days, both for consumers and online sellers.

Indeed, according to a survey conducted by Clear Channel, more than 1 out of 3 French people plan to take part in this event in 2017. During this period, they intend to make purchases with an average shopping-basket value of €108.

In addition, Cuponation has estimated the number of Black Friday-related Google searches as over 5 million in 2017 – double the figure for 2016! This is namely explained by the fact that consumers take advantage of the weekend of bargains to start off their Christmas purchases.

How to adapt your product catalogue to boost sales?

As mentioned, the Black Friday weekend is the right time to begin making Christmas purchases – so it’s crucial that cybernauts are offered an adapted and seasonal product catalogue.

On this note, there’s nothing better than making grouped special offers in original packaging. We advise you to especially target items that lend themselves to being given as Christmas gifts – hi-tech products, jewellery and leisure goods, for example. Offers of this type are particularly popular during e-commerce events of this kind.

Also, this is an ideal opportunity to slightly retouch the items you wish to promote. For example, if you are offering packs, Simataï can make the necessary edits for your product catalogue. If you simply wish to add a customised tag on certain products, we can also take care of this.

Whatever your needs in terms of graphic retouching, you can rely on Simataï to deliver your order in very tight turnaround times. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by using the contact form.