Clipping handbag images for e-commerce websites: how is it done?
November 4, 2021

Clipping is an essential stage when you are designing your e-commerce catalogue. Why? This technique will not only bring unity to your photos but will also upgrade your conversion rate. When it comes to clipping handbag images, we suggest two different strategies, depending on your profile: clipping by yourself or else getting supreme-quality clipping done by a professional service.

1. Clip your handbags yourself with the help of our tutorials

If you have access to a photo-retouching software like Photoshop, you can try to clip your handbag yourself with the help of tutorials.

We advise you to concentrate on the Pen tool. This function will give you optimal results, and is especially adapted to handbags given the non-complexity of their shapes. By the way, you can consult our tutorial specifically on how to clip using the Pen tool.

If the object’s colours contrast heavily with the image’s background (generally the case if the object is shot against a white background), you can also consult our tutorial on clipping using the Color Range tool. This approach can offer you significant time savings when the colours on your image make it viable, without skimping on the quality of your clipping.

2. Get your handbags clipped by professionnels

If you don’t have the time or inclination to clip your handbags yourself, you can always call on a professional service specialised in clipping. This way, you will save precious time while ensuring that the end images are of top-notch quality –  a key factor behind conversion in e-commerce.

This is the offer made by Simataï Online, our online image-clipping service. The simple and intuitive platform we have developed will let you get your handbags clipped by specialised graphic designers, fast. First of all, select your clipping options such as the image’s format, size, background colour, alignment and margins. Next, you’ll be invited to upload your images with a drag-and-drop. And then, the only thing left for you to do is to pay, using one of the 100% secure methods available.

As soon as your handbags are clipped, you’ll be notified by email to pick up your images. In the unfortunate event that you are not entirely satisfied with the clipping quality of one of your images, you will have the option of sending it back to production to be redone, at no extra charge. In this case, you will of course be notified by email when the correction(s) are completed. If need be, don’t hesitate contact us by using our contact form.