Why are “ghost mannequins” popular for product photos in e-commerce catalogues?
November 4, 2021

Among our services most in demand by our e-commerce customers is our ghost-mannequin expertise. And it’s for good reason if most online-shopping websites present their garments this way. What is a ghost-mannequin packshot and what accounts for its success in product catalogues?

What is the “ghost mannequin” effect?

The “ghost mannequin”, also known as the “invisible mannequin” or “neck joint” effect, is a type of retouching that eliminates the clothes hanger or mannequin supporting an object while recreating the material blotted out by the support.

For example, in the case of a shirt that is photographed held up by a hanger, the ghost-mannequin effect consists in deleting the hanger from the image and recreating the material hidden by the hanger, thanks to a second image which exposes this hidden area.

What advantages does the ghost mannequin bring to e-commerce?

The ghost mannequin is a form of retouching that allows volume to be given to those items better shown off this way. But that’s not all: the technique also enables cybernauts to visualise the item better by revealing its inner surface. On such a competitive market, this is precisely the type of detail that can really make one e-commerce catalogue stand out from another.

Not only this: the ghost mannequin can also be viewed as an economical solution for sellers wishing to free themselves from the image copyrights of live models.

An attractive alternative to clipping flat-lay photographs of garments, today the ghost mannequin is the leading choice of most major e-commerce prêt-à-porter brands.

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