Why focus on the staging of your products in e-commerce?
November 4, 2021

Today, an e-commerce website can’t simply content itself with being a mere sales portal. On top of this, an online shop also needs to aspire to becoming a real source of inspiration for online shoppers. Product staging is an effective means to do so. Here are 5 good reasons why online sellers should focus on the impact of their images to boost their sales.

1. Convert online buyers more quickly

On average, a cybernaut will spend 8 seconds on your product page before making a decision: either to find out more or to move on for good. This is why you need to go all out to maximise your chances of converting online buyers within this brief timespan.

Staging your items for sale allows website visitors to make precious time savings by inviting them to visualise future usage of the products. It follows that staging will significantly push up the conversion rate of your e-commerce website as it mentally prepares buyers to make purchases.

2. Increase the attractiveness of sale items

Selling isn’t just a matter of having a good product and presenting it with a price tag. Above all, it involves justifying the product’s existence and usefulness by suggesting one or more ways in which it can be used. This is why the staging of an object will help convey its full value and delight your e-shop visitors.

Shoes that are worn are always more attractive to buyers than the shoes by themselves against a white background. Obviously, the same reasoning applies for other types of products, such as clothing, jewellery, furniture or decorative items.

3. Clipping or mere retouching are not enough

Of course, a well-clipped photo against a white background remains crucial for any e-commerce website. So the question here is not to replace this approach, but rather, to accompany it with staging effects.

The more photos there are on a product sheet, the better. By showing your product from different angles and in different atmospheres, there’s no doubt that you promote the act of purchasing. This is the type of detail that you can use to make yourself stand out from your competitors.

4. A solution for high return rates

The main disadvantage of Internet purchases is that there is no fitting room on an e-commerce website… And yet, this is the spot where everyone will stop off before they finalise a purchase in a clothing shop.

When you stage your items, you offer cybernauts an effective alternative to this problem. But above all, it’s also a way to cut down return rates, by allowing online buyers to project themselves virtually with the product before they make the purchase.

5. The role of social influencer is gaining ground

Rather than mere points of sale, e-commerce websites today aim to become genuine influencers and sources of inspiration. The staging of pieces of clothing or jewellery is now a key to all marketing strategies.

Careful, the figures are dizzying. For example, football player Cristiano Ronaldo pockets an average of €400,000 per sponsored photo posted on the photo-sharing social network Instagram! Proof, once again, of the boundless impact of images on consumers.

Do you have a project in mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly so we can help you. Staging is part of our knowhow, and is one of our most popular services among our e-commerce clients.