Why use our online image-clipping service Simataï Online?
November 4, 2021

High stakes have always ridden on the quality of images used in e-commerce. Except that clipping your own images is a difficult and fastidious exercise. Luckily, Simataï has honed an online image-clipping service! Whether you’re an e-commerce professional or a private individual, here are 3 advantages of using our Simataï Online service.

1. A service that is accessible and operational at all times

We have built Simataï Online around an international team, with graphic designers based all over the world: France, Mexico, Vietnam and Tunisia. An approach that allows us to cover the main time zones.

Whatever time or day you place your order, we have the means to process it immediately and offer you super-fast turnaround times: within 24 or 48 hours, as you choose.

We know that every second is precious in e-commerce. This is why we take pride in making Simataï Online an image-clipping service that can adapt to your emergency needs and time restrictions.

2. We offer you high-quality manual clipping

No-one still needs convincing about the necessity of offering high-grade visuals on their e-commerce site: images are a key factor in the purchasing decisions of online shoppers. As such, they can have a strong impact on your conversion rate or even your rate of return.

This is why we pay special attention to the quality of our clipping. At Simataï, it’s out of the question that we take recourse to any automatic procedures whatsoever. We rely on passionate graphic designers to manually clip images.

Opting for Simataï Online is therefore a guarantee for manual clipping of superb quality.

3. We will redo your clipping if you are not satisfied

Another advantage of using Simataï Online is that for every order, you benefit from our exceptional “Satisfied or redone” guarantee.

This means that when your images are delivered, if the clipping does not give you entire satisfaction, you have the possibility of sending it back to be reclipped, free of charge and simply upon request. For reclipping, all you need to do is to click on “Refuse” on the confirmation page corresponding to your clipped images. A little popup window will then open and invite you to insert a comment to explain why.