Marketplaces, a key lever for e-commerce sales
November 4, 2021

What if over 40 million Internet users per day examined your product sheet featuring high-quality clipping? In just a few clicks, this is what is offered to you by marketplaces – online trading spaces that bring together buyers and sellers.

The takeoff of marketplaces, a market with strong conversion potential

Phenomenal. According to 2015 figures from the FEVAD (Federation of e-Commerce and Distance Selling), the most visited e-commerce websites are marketplaces! Amazon, for example, is by far the most visited website, drawing over 17 million single visitors per month.

  • 1 out of 3 cybernauts makes online purchases on marketplaces.

To understand the strength of these marketplaces, let’s briefly take a look at the past to see how these marketplaces have completely revolutionised the landscape of traditional trade.

Previously, people had no choice but to go out and make purchases in shops whenever they wanted to get equipped. This imperative came with a few drawbacks: restrictions in time – such as opening hours and working hours – and geography. Even worse, sometimes shoppers would make the trip in vain if the shop proved to be out of stock. Today, everything is dematerialised and the limits have been rolled back. Marketplaces are accessible at any time and in every place. These marketplaces have literally broken down the barriers to consumption – a windfall for sellers.

While marketplaces have completely transformed the market of traditional trade, they are also stretching their impact to other sectors. It’s no accident if a startup like Blablacar is performing well thanks to its carpooling marketplace where drivers and passenger-customers can get into contact with one another.

Stay as close as possible to your customers and your competitors

By selling on marketplaces, you have the means to access a colossal and qualified audience fast. For those online sellers who don’t have the time or resources to set up their own large-scale website or to do marketing, this is an ideal solution.

A presence on marketplaces also represents an opportunity for you to get closer to your customers. The comments left by your customers will give you an idea of the general opinion about your product – it goes without saying that the clipping quality of your images will also play a huge role on the impression you make. Customer comments can push you to be all the more exacting about the quality of the products you sell. It makes sense when 9 out of 10 cybernauts say that they are influenced by consumer opinons.

By default, marketplaces display the cheapest product first. So marketplaces allow you to monitor your competitors and the prices they apply, easily and quickly. Also, a new type of promotion tool is beginning to emerge: marketplace adwords, which function in exactly the same way as the Google tool, but which are more adapted for product sheets, namely thanks to the behavioural data on consumers collected by marketplaces.

Free up your mind by outsourcing tedious tasks

The outsourcing of laborious but essential tasks is a real plus that marketplaces offer you. These are tasks that in fact are performed much more effectively by specialised professionals. At the same time, you can focus on your core activity and make gains in productivity.

In a sector in which every second counts, it is important to deliver your customers’ orders on time. But there’s no need for you to fret over certain tasks: you can work with an uncluttered mind while an external service takes care of everything! For example, you can completely outsource your delivery service. Most marketplaces offer to take care of this service themselves. With Amazon, you can even outsource your stock management.

In addition, more and more marketplaces impose specific criteria for the clipping of your product photos. It’s easy to understand why: as the quality of image clipping is the main criteria that influences the purchasing decisions of cybernauts, marketplaces will strive to defend their reputation and stay rigorous by only accepting product photos that are uniformly clipped, harmonious and high in quality. This is what Simataï offers you when you outsource the clipping and retouching of your product photos.

The online photo-clipping service for marketplaces

Indeed, with Simataï Online Clipping, we offer preconfigured clipping options for marketplaces. This means that we will clip your images in the format of your chosen marketplace(s). All you need to do is to select your targeted marketplaces for us to apply customised clipping on your images so that they will blend in perfectly into them. Of course, if you don’t wish to sell on a marketplace, you can also choose your own clipping parameters.

Getting your images clipped professionally has never been so simple. Upload your images with a simple drag-and-drop and they’ll be clipped by experts using the Pen tool within 24 hours. No direct contact with us is necessary: it’s simple, fast and practical!

By using Simataï Online Clipping, there’s no doubt that you will speed up your sales process. But above all, you will ensure that the images you need clipped are in good hands: they will become genuine selling points that increase your conversion rate on the world’s biggest marketplaces.

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