Presenting a selection of well-clipped photos yields more and better sales online
November 4, 2021

Physical shops versus online shops

What is the main advantage of physical shops over online shops?

The answer can be found… in the question! In a physical shop, customers can physically touch your product and examine it as carefully as they please. So if you aren’t able to satisfy your customers’ sense of touch, allow them at least to view the product as closely as they wish.

It’s no secret: images are the main factor influencing the purchasing decisions of cybernauts. As a result, the clipping and quality of your product photos are key criteria for Internet buyers as photos are your medium of communication. The more images there are, the more the customer will be reassured about the product in question.

Cybershoppers don’t buy on their first visit to a website

Cybernauts like spending hours surfing on and scrolling through e-commerce websites when hunting down their next purchases. This type of searching has become a pastime in its own right – like going shopping, except on the Net.

The thing is, cybernauts rarely make purchases on their first visit to a website… So you need to do what you can to make them remember your website and your products. In this light, it becomes a must to dazzle website visitors with an abundance of well-clipped photos that are high in quality and shot from different angles and in different colours.

This way, you not only manage to satisfy your customers’ visual curiosity, but you also make a lasting impact on the visual memory of cybernauts.

There are never enough photos to satisfy your customers

Don’t overlook details. For example, if your product has a pocket, offer a zoom on it. These are the types of little details that will make a difference. Don’t hide anything — or rather, show that you have nothing to hide! You must gain the cybernaut’s trust.

And for those with a bigger budget, you can show off your product with the help of ghost-mannequin images or staging. For example, if you are selling a sofa, showcase it in a living room. Customers appreciate seeing a product clipped and staged as they can more easily imagine themselves with it and dive into its universe.

By entrusting the clipping and retouching of your images to experts in the post-production of e-commerce images, you free yourself from a time-consuming and fastidious task that is also indispensable. But above all, you ensure that your product photos requiring clipping are in good hands: these images will become selling points that will sell more and better.

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