Simataï innovates: a new online photo-clipping service
November 4, 2021


As a New Year begins, Simataï, the specialist in image clipping and retouching for e-commerce and marketplace players, has had a makeover and is launching its new website! The whole team hopes that you’ll appreciate it just as much as the previous version.

On this occasion, we are introducing a new, original clipping service. For in response to vigorous growth in the sector of clipping for e-commerce and marketplaces, Simataï is launching a brand new function that will allow you to get your photos clipped online: Simataï Online Clipping.

  • Choose your clipping options
  • Upload your images for clipping with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Your order will be delivered within 24 hours

Online clipping
It’s wonderfully simple, quick and practical. And it comes with our satisfied or redone guarantee!


We’ve said it again and again: the quality of your photo clipping is a key success factor in e-commerce. This is undoubtedly the criterion with the greatest influence on Internet users when they make their purchasing decisions. For if the clipping is overlooked, they won’t feel like clicking on and paying more interest in your product.

The thing is, clipping and retouching your photos yourself is a time-consuming, fastidious and costly process. That’s why Simataï Online Clipping offers an ideal solution to this problem. You can delegate your clipping – a tedious but necessary task – to our team of experts. This will allow you to really concentrate on your core activity and be more productive.

Simataï Online Clipping is therefore a service specifically targeted at e-retailers, photographers, graphic designers and web designers who wish to enhance photos of their e-commerce products with the boost of high-quality clipping. We ensure that the product photos we clip will turn into genuine selling points that will sell more and better.


Are you looking to sell your products on major marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, CDiscount or PriceMinister? Bear in mind that it’s essential to provide images that meet the specific clipping criteria (size, margins, background, etc.) of these marketplaces (which vary from one website to another) –  otherwise, you won’t be able to post your clipped product photos, which would be a real shame… No need to panic, though: you’re at the right address!

Entrust your images to us and we’ll take care of all your clipping needs.

With Simataï Online Clipping, we offer clipping options preconfigured for these marketplaces. This means that we’ll clip your images in the format required by the marketplace(s) you choose. All you need to do is to make your selection of marketplaces and we’ll apply customised clipping to your images so that they’ll be perfectly adapted to these websites. Of course, if you do not wish to use one of these marketplaces, you can also choose your own personal clipping parameters.

No doubt about it: by using Simataï Online Clipping, you speed up your selling process.