Why outsource your image clipping to a service provider like Simataï?
November 4, 2021

Are you hesitant about entrusting the clipping or retouching of your photos to an external service provider? Here are 4 good reasons that will convince you, once and for all, to adopt this approach for your e-commerce.

1. Raise your e-commerce conversion rate

Photos offer cybernauts the first impressions of your products. This is why high-quality visuals will vouch for your rigour and professionalism.

Not only this, serious studies indicate that the quality of images is the main factor that influences the purchasing decisions of cybernauts!

So by handing your photo clipping and retouching needs over to dedicated professionals, you are doing what it takes to have an attractive online shopfront. This is a guarantee for your product photos to become convincing selling points that will push up your sales.

2. Drop off your images in the evening, pick them up the next morning

Who has never dreamed of being able to place an order at 6 p.m. one evening and being sure of receiving the delivery when you wake up the next morning? When you entrust your photos to a clipping and retouching expert like Simataï, this is exactly what you’ll get!

In an environment like e-commerce where every minute is precious, it’s important that you can rely on competent and rigorous collaborators.

Thanks to production units located in Vietnam, Tunisia and Mexico, Simataï covers all of the world’s major time zones. Whatever the time of day, there’s always someone to look after you and your photos.

3. You’ll save time by freeing up your mind

We understand how outsourcing tasks may seem like taking a risk and how you might have the unsettling feeling that you’re losing control of certain activities.

But in fact the opposite is true because you’re actually the one in charge! At Simataï, you have the option of controlling and following your orders in real time thanks to the Simataï Factory management tool.

By delegating tasks to reliable collaborators like Simataï, you will also save precious time. In a sector like e-commerce where everything changes very quickly, it’s important that you leave time for thinking about your business – and this is where your contribution is the most valuable.

4. It’s a must in e-commerce

Today, it’s no longer enough to take a photo of your product, then place it on sale on your e-commerce site or on a marketplace.

To stand out when the competition is increasingly fierce, it’s important to tend to your e-shop’s appearance and to adopt a rigorous style guide by offering photos that are not just high in quality but also homogenous.

This is why it’s now crucial to get product photos retouched and clipped before they are posted online.

Most major brands like Sarenza, Décathlon or Vente-Privee already place their trust in us for the clipping and retouching of their photos. Why not you?